If you placed an order and would like to make a change, please contact us by the following EST times on the day you placed the order to guarantee the change. 

  • 1:30pm for any adjustments to baked goods 

  • 4:30pm for all other categories

We can be reached via the chat bubble, email or by phone at 844-438-2877.

Why do you have the cutoff for making changes to orders?

The majority of suppliers deliver next day by truck so to ensure that the product gets loaded on or off the vehicle, you must contact us by 4:30pm. We cannot guarantee any changes after this time but we'll always do our best. 

Removing, adding, or adjusting quantity of an item from an order

As long as your order still meets the order minimum for that supplier, we can easily remove a product from your order. If you'd like to add or adjust the quantity of an item, simply contact us and let us know the SKU of the item. 

If you want to adjust a ground shipped order however, please note it may have already been packed and shipped out before 4:30pm, but we will do our best to make any adjustments. 

It is after cutoff and I have the incorrect product coming

If you ordered an incorrect product and have no use for it at your location, then your best option is to refuse the product when it is delivered. If you or your staff sign for the product, please reach out to us to facilitate a return according to our Return Policy.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at community@cupsworks.com, chat us, or call 844-438-2877.

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