If you accidentally ordered the wrong item or too much of an item, the best practice is to contact us immediately and we may be able to adjust the order before it goes out for delivery to you. For more information on how to do this see our article on making changes to an order.

Refusing Product at Time of Delivery

If it is too late to make changes to your order, but the order is being delivered by truck, you can refuse the unwanted product at point of delivery. Please inform your staff of which product(s) to refuse at time of delivery, and make sure to note the refusal on the delivery slip.

Returning Product

If you realize only after the order has been accepted, then please note that:  

  1. We cannot accept returns for any items that have been opened or partially used.

  2. We typically cannot accept returns for orders that are ground shipped (i.e. USPS, UPS or FedEx.)

    1. Note: while not guaranteed, a return may be possible only if you received the incorrect product.

Items eligible for return:

  • We can help facilitate returns of incorrectly delivered products:

    • within 3 business days from delivery for Produce/Perishables

    • within 15 business days from delivery for Shelf-stable products

  • For correctly delivered shelf-stable products, we will try to arrange a pickup with your next delivery from the same vendor assuming returns can be accepted.

Steps for returning a product that was delivered by Truck: 

  1. Write us via chat or by emailing community@cupsworks.com. Include your original order ID and the details of the product you need to return, and why.

  2. The next time you place an order fulfilled by the same supplier, please remind your Customer Success Manager that you have product awaiting pickup, and they will coordinate by alerting the route's driver.

  3. The product you want to return must be handed to the driver. Drivers are not responsible for locating the product (i.e. entering the basement or storage room.) If the driver refuses to take the product, please call us immediately at (844) GET-CUPS and we will coordinate directly with the driver.

  4. Once the supplier restocks the returned product, then you will be issued cups credit. Your cups credit can be viewed on your dashboard and will be visible at checkout to be applied on your next order if you choose to.

Please note that not all suppliers accept returns. We are unable to guarantee return acceptance once a delivery has been accepted. For more information, please reach out to your account management team.

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