Accidents can happen! We know that sometimes you are in a rush to order, or perhaps you and your co-worker both ordered the same milk for the same day. If it is before 4:00pm on the day the order is submitted, please contact us immediately to edit. 

If you don't realize the mistake until after 4:00pm the day the order is placed, then the best thing to do is refuse the product(s) that you no longer want. It is critical that you communicate any refusals to your cups account manager so that you can be credited for the product. That being said, these situations are cumbersome for our delivery partners to manage.

Refused full order 

  • There will be a $25 fee to cover costs associated with delivery
  • Notify your cups account manager the day of delivery, otherwise we cannot guarantee credit back or redelivery.

Refused item on order 

  • Please notify us within 3 days to ensure you receive credit. Credit will be issued back in the form of a one time use promo code. 

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