New to cups

Our services are available to independent cafes across the United States. Kick off this partnership by filling out our sign up form.

Soon you will get a request to set your password, that means your account is ready to go and you can jump on to your dashboard and start ordering! Easy as that. No complicated distributor agreements or hoops to jump through.

Signing up a new location

Already a member of the cups network and just opened a new spot? Congratulations!

If you are a Super Admin or Admin of the account, simply go to Locations within Settings and click on the Add Locations button next to the header. Fill out the address, hours, and payment methods for the location in the form prompted. 

If you want any team members to have access to that location, go to Team within Settings and scroll to Location Assignment to add them. And don't forget to click on SAVE CHANGES after you make those changes.

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