For any changes to your account locations or users, please go to Settings.

Change in locations

Adding a location

Click in Locations under Settings in the navigation on the left. You can add a location by clicking on ADD LOCATION next to the header.

Editing or removing a location

Firstly, in Locations under Settings, click on the EDIT DETAILS button for the location you wish to edit or deactivate. 

  • To edit a location from there, browse through the tabs on the left and save changes.

  • Or to deactivate a location from there, there is a hyperlink in the GENERAL tab on the bottom left. You will be asked if you are certain you want to deactivate.

    You can view or reactivate by clicking on the link, View deactivated locations, at the top of the main Locations page.

Change in team

Adding a team member

First, go to Team under Settings. Click on the link next to the header. 

You will be prompted to provide an email, the locations they will have access to, and the role that you want them to have (information on roles). The team member will be emailed an invitation to join the dashboard.  

Editing or removing a team member

First, go to Team under Settings. To edit or deactivate a team member, scroll through the team which is categorized by permission role and alphabetized by first name within the permission category. 

Please note that you cannot edit or deactivate other Super Admin accounts. And only the person with the account can change their phone number,  name, and photo. To change location access, keep reading!

Editing location access for team member

Scroll to view Location Assignment in Team Settings. Under the location you want to make changes, click on the circle to the right of the team member to add or remove from the location. Make sure you click on SAVE CHANGES at the bottom.

Please note that Super Admin have access to all locations, so they cannot be added or removed from a location.

Changing your Login Credentials

To update the password for your existing account, head to the Change Password section of your cups Dashboard. Enter your current password followed by the new password you want, click CHANGE PASSWORD, and voila!

You can also change your name, phone number, and profile photo here. To change your email, please reach out to us at, chat us, or call 844-438-2877.

For more information on navigating your account, see How to use your cups Dashboard

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