We work with many awesome supplier partners to give you access to all the supplies you need in one easy place. As every supplier manages their own deliveries, each supplier also has their own restrictions for order minimums and delivery fees. We work hard to keep these minimums and fees affordable and accessible for all of our partners.

How do I know if I've met the order minimum?

Every product page will state what the minimum total order requirement is for the supplier of the product. This information appears like this on the product page:

Once you've added products to your cart, you will also be able to see whether or not you've met the order minimum for each supplier you're shopping from. This information appears like this in your cart:

If you've not quite met an order minimum, click the Add More Items button in the upper right to shop more products from that supplier without leaving your cart:

Where can I see what I paid in delivery fees?

All fees related to transporting the products are clearly indicated in the cart and at checkout. This pulls all shipping fees on your order, which will include any fees charged by individual suppliers. They are indicated in red below.

I met the minimum order, but I still see a shipping fee at checkout. Why is that?

There is a difference between an order minimum and a minimum total for free delivery. Some suppliers offer a single order minimum threshold in order to receive delivery, whether or not there is a delivery fee applied. Other suppliers offer a lower tier order minimum with a delivery fee and a higher order threshold to receive free delivery.

If free delivery is available from a supplier with a higher order threshold, your cart will tell you how much more in product to add to receive free shipping:

Once you've met the threshold for free shipping, your cart will update to this message:

What determines the delivery cost?

Many of our supplier partners deliver free of charge, but some charge a fee to deliver or ship each order. Shipping fees can vary based on the supplier, the size of your order and your location. Delivery fees can be necessary for suppliers to offset their cost of delivery for each order, and help keep prices affordable and deliveries completed on schedule.

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