Your Payment Methods

Click into Settings on your left-side navigation and select Payment Methods to add your credit card and/or link your bank account. Once added, you can then save the Default and Backup payment methods under Location Assignment below.

When Charges Happen

Charges take place daily, Monday through Friday, for orders processed and confirmed within the past day. If your account is on extended payment terms, charges are delayed by a set number of days from the date your order is processed. For example, if you are on 7 day terms, your order will be due to be charged on the 7th day after your order is placed. Head over to Payment Terms for more information.

Charge Details

Click into My Orders on your left-side navigation to access your history of orders and what you were charged for. Click into each order ID for more information. 

If any adjustments were made to your order the day it was processed, your charge will reflect the adjusted total.

Understanding Order IDs

Order IDs that begin with RETURN_ and REFUND_ are returns and refunds issued back to the original payment method that was charged for the respective order. These refer to instances where items are refused, returned, damaged, or shorted upon delivery.

Please note returns and refunds will take 5-10 business days to show in your statement.

Order IDs that begin with SPLIT_ reflect items later delivered due to being on backorder or being shorted from the original delivery. As you have paid for this item on the original order, you will not be charged again for this separate delivery.

Order IDs that end with _ADDON reflect items taken on that were not paid for on the original order. For example, if you received an additional case of cups along with the rest of your delivery and opted not to return the product.

Order IDs that begin with STANDING_ are standing orders. These order IDs also include the date of delivery at the end of the order ID, in MMDDYY format. Find out more about standing orders here.

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