Your Payment Methods

Click into Settings on your left-side navigation and select Payment Methods to add your credit card and/or link your bank account. Once added, you can then save the Default and Backup payment methods under Location Assignment below.

cups Credit

If your account has a cups Credit balance, you will see the balance at checkout under Payment Details. Simply uncheck the selection if you prefer to save your balance for another time.

To view your cups Credit balance and usage history, click cups Credit on your left-side navigation of the Dashboard.

When Charges Happen

Supplies orders are charged automatically upon checkout. Staffing charges are processed after your booking has been received, and Services orders are charged once they have been confirmed & scheduled.

If your account is on extended payment terms, charges are delayed by a set number of days from the date your order is submitted. For example, if you are on 14 day terms, your order will be due to be charged on the 14th day after order submission. Scroll down to the Payment Terms heading below for more information.

Note: Charges must succeed before a new order is processed. If you have an outstanding charge, any new orders will not be processed.

Charge Details

Click into Order History in the left-hand navigation menu to access your history of orders and what you were charged for. Click into each order ID for more information. 

If any adjustments were made to your order the day it was processed, you will be able to view new credit issued in the Order Activity timeline within the order and on the cups Credit page; add-ons will be charged and viewed separately.

Understanding Order IDs

Order IDs that end with _ADDON reflect items taken on that were not paid for on the original order. For example, if you requested to add an extra case of almond milk to your existing order, or if you received an additional case of cups that you opted not to send back to the supplier.

Order IDs that begin with STANDING_ are standing orders. These order IDs also include the date of delivery at the end of the order ID, in MMDDYY format. Find out more about standing orders here.


If a refund has been approved by your Customer Success Manager, you should see the amount refunded back to your account within 5 to 10 business days. If you want to learn more about this, check out our Return and Refund policies.

Payment Terms

We can offer extended payment terms on a case-by-case basis. If you would like to request extended payment terms and you have:

  1. Placed 10+ orders through your cups dashboard and are in good financial standing, then we can automatically offer you 14-day terms. Contact your account manager to submit your request.

    1. Note: 30 day terms may be possible if using a bank account payment method and assuming the above criteria are met.

  2. Placed less than 10 orders through your cups dashboard but would like to request terms anyway, then please write your Customer Success Manager with 2 current vendor references; assuming your references check out, then we can extend 14-day payment terms.

Please allow up to 5 business days for changes in payment terms to take effect.

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