Health and hygiene are more important than ever. Here are our recommended guidelines for maintaining a clean and safe space for your team, your customers and yourself.

Wash hands:

  • Upon arrival to shift
  • Prior to preparing/handling food and beverages
  • When changing tasks
  • After an hour of being engaged in a task
  • After using the restroom
  • After bussing tables or washing dishes
  • After leaving cashier duties
  • After taking the trash out
  • After coughing/sneezing

Sanitize high traffic surface areas every 30 minutes:

  • Doors/handles
  • Condiment station
  • Tables/Chairs
  • Counter tops
  • POS (touch screen in particular)
  • Bakery case glass
  • Refrigerator doors/handles

Food Safety Protection:

  • Wear disposable gloves when preparing or serving any food or beverage
  • Change gloves between tasks or every hour (whichever comes first)
  • Limit crossover between register and espresso bar stations
  • Mop floors at least 3x/day
  • Clean and sanitize all equipment 2x/day

Other Ways to Protect:

  • Move all unwrapped accessories to behind the bar (lids, straws, stir sticks, etc.)
  • Implement a sanitation step for customers’ reusable cups before preparing drinks
  • Adopt a strict policy on staying home when sick and reporting any illness

Stay caffeinated!

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