Our wish is to provide information that brings value to you and your business, ideally eliminating some of the panic and uncertainty that we all feel. The unfortunate reality is that things are happening quickly, and we are all making decisions and judgement calls that have implications we can’t fully understand or imagine yet. It is difficult to continue to think objectively and strategically through each update that the news brings our way.

One thing we can say for sure is that the team here at cups is still here for you. We are on call and ready to assist with any supplies, staffing or logistics inquiries. We are here to support, listen, and inform where we can. In addition, we are refocusing on making adjustments and improvements to be able to serve you when we are all on the other side of this. Another thing that is certainly true; there is the other side of this storm, and we will meet you there. 

For now, we are looking toward the brighter side of things and trying our very best to stay positive, engaged and open to the lessons that this will teach us. On the other side, we can grow as a community and continue to stick together in the good times that are inevitably coming back around. 

In recognizing that every business is in their own unique situation and many of us are still weighing options, here is a summary of what we are seeing in the community as the situation develops further;

  • Mandated to-go and take out only for all restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops
  • Shops that are able to stay open for now are getting creative with their resources and shifting to more online sales, delivery options, pick-up options, virtual tip jars/funds for their baristas, and a push for gift card sales
  • Many companies are tapping into their community and asking for help and support

Here are some supportive resources for you:

URGENT: NY Hospitality Coalition: Postpone sales tax payments (due 3/20)
Precautionary measures assurance poster
COVID-19 sanitation guidelines
NYC Small Business Assistance*
SBA Disaster Assistance Response
California Work Sharing Program
cups update feed for in-demand supplies
Wholesale coffee roaster strategy resource COVID-19
Regional Loan Trust Fund Program NYS
NYS Bridge To Success Program
We NYC- We Fund Program

We will continue to update here as new resources become available. For more information on financial relief that may be available to you as a small business, please see our Financial Resources article.

We wish you and your team all of the safety, health and peace. As always, we will keep in touch.

the cups team

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