What are order kits?

Order kits are fully customizable lists of supplies, ready-to-order through your Dashboard. Add any product to an order kit to save it for future ordering or for further consideration.

What can I do with order kits?

Order kits are what you make of them! We suggest using kits as a way to organize your must-haves to expedite checkout, and to save products that interest you for later.

  • Create a Weekly Milk Order kit to pre-set quantities of the whole, skim and half-and-half to fit your typical usage.

  • Set up a Monthly Inventory kit to help organize stock checks.

  • Add your best selling grab-and-go snacks and beverages to a Point of Sale kit to quickly add-to-cart those average ticket boosters.

  • Share a Bar Restock kit with your team to grant access to pre-approved espresso bar parts and small wares as they need replacing.

How do I create an order kit?

Order kits can be created by clicking the Add to Order Kit icon on any product listing, selecting New Kit, naming and saving it. You can also create a new blank order kit by clicking the New Order Kit button on the Order Kits main page.

How do I add products to an order kit?

Add individual products through:

  • Any product card, via the icon on the product image

  • Any product detail page, via the icon on the product image or the link above the product description

You can also add full previous orders through the Add to Order Kit button at the top of the order's details page, accessible through your order history.

What does it mean to share an order kit?

By default, order kits are accessible on a location basis, meaning that you and any team members with access to the location currently in view will be able to see, shop and edit your kits.

When you share an order kit, you make it accessible to all locations within your business' Dashboard. Even if you personally don't have access to other locations, once it's shared, all team members on your Dashboard will be able to view, edit and order it. Please note that not all products may be available in all locations.

What happened to my Favorites?

Don't worry, we saved them for you! All your previously added Favorites can now be found in the Favorites order kit, along with Favorites from your teammates. You can continue to save products here if you're in a rush and want to quickly save a product for further consideration.

Can products be on more than one order kit?

Absolutely! You can add any product to as many order kits as you'd like.

How do I edit the quantities of products in an order kit?

Click into the order kit, click the Edit button and then use the up and down arrows to adjust the product's quantity.

I want to create a different kit for my monthly and weekly orders. Can I copy products from one kit to another?

Yes! Click into the order kit, select the product(s) you want to copy, and then click the Copy to... button to select which kit you want to copy to. No changes will be reflected on the kit in current view.

How do I remove a product from an order kit?

Click into the order kit, click the Edit button, select the product(s) you want to remove and then click Delete Selected.

I messed up and want to start from scratch. How do I delete an order kit?

Click into the order kit, click the Edit button, and click the Delete Order Kit button at the top of the page.

Can I rename my order kit?

Totally! Click into the order kit you want to rename and then click the Edit button in the upper right corner. Then adjust the name however you'd like, click save, and voila!

Can I save order kits that are just for me and not viewable by other team members?

Order kits are accessible on a location basis and are not private to individual team members at this time. This is to help keep access readily available as ordering responsibility changes hands (as it so often does!) That said, only team members with access to your location can view the same kits unless you choose to share them.

To review the team members on your account, head to your Team Settings. (Note this page is only available at Admin and Super Admin permissions levels.)

Ready to get started?

Head to the Supplies section of your Dashboard to start building your first order kit! You can view the order kits page itself through the sidebar menu or by clicking here.

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