Expert and reliable equipment support, on demand.

Book a repair when things aren't working quite right or get ahead of issues before they occur by booking preventative maintenance. Learn more about our Equipment Support offerings below.

What types of equipment can your technicians fix?

Our technician partners can service all manners of coffee brewing equipment, including espresso machines, espresso grinders, batch brewers, batch grinders and hot water towers.

Where are your Equipment Support services available?

Equipment Repairs and Tune Ups are available in:

  • Manhattan, NY

  • Brooklyn, NY

  • Washington, D.C.

  • Baltimore, MD

We also have coverage in the larger Baltimore-Washington metro area, including Fairfax, VA to the southwest, Frederick, MD to the northwest, Bel Air, MD to the northeast and Easton, MD to the southeast.

Don't see Equipment Support available to your location yet? Drop us a line if you want to see these services in your area, and we'll keep you front of mind as we grow!

What experience level can I expect from a cups technician?

Each of our equipment technician partners has a minimum of two years' experience servicing cafe equipment, and in many cases significantly more. All of our technicians specialize in espresso machines and other cafe equipment to ensure you get the quality, expert service you need.

I don’t know if I need a Tune Up or a repair. What should I do?

Repair appointments are for when you know you have a problem with any individual piece of equipment. These appointments are given priority in the schedule as we know you need a fix quick when you have a problem and are variable in length dependent on the nature of your issue. Book a repair when things aren't working quite right, or when you have a piece of equipment that's outright down for the count.

Tune Ups are here to prevent problems and catastrophes before they occur. Tune Ups include a thorough inspection and diagnostic of your espresso machine, espresso grinder, batch brewer, batch grinder and water tower. Book a Tune Up to protect your investment in your equipment and avoid gaps in service that occur when a piece of equipment suddenly goes down.

Why do you need to know the manufacturer of my equipment?

Knowing who manufactured your equipment allows our technicians to come prepared with any common parts they might need to adequately complete your service in one appointment. Parts vary between manufacturers so understanding the exact maker of your equipment is critical!

What brands of espresso machine do you service?

All of our local technicians are able to service espresso machines from the following popular manufacturers:

  • La Marzocco

  • Nuova Simonelli

  • Slayer

  • Synesso

  • Mod Bar

If you have a different brand of espresso machine, let us know what the manufacturer name is and we will verify if your local technician is equipped to service you.

Can your technicians cover refrigeration issues?

Our technician partners specialize in brewing equipment and are not equipped to handle issues with refrigeration.

Can you help me repair the issue over the phone?

We are able to help with phone support for existing Repair bookings. If you need help with an issue prior to your service time, please contact us after booking your Repair and we'll arrange a call with an available technician ASAP.

I need a technician immediately. How soon after booking can I expect someone to show up?

Equipment Repairs are available to schedule as soon as the next business day. If your equipment is fully non-operational and in need of emergency service, please contact us and we will do our best to expedite your appointment time.

What if I book a Tune Up and the technician realizes I need a repair? What will I be charged?

If your technician discovers issues with your equipment that are out of scope for the Tune Up package, they may need to return at a later date to complete the work. Any additional parts and labor will be billed separately from the initial Tune Up package price.

How much will a Tune Up appointment cost if I need more work done?

All Tune Up appointments include up to 2 hours of labor and gaskets, screens and screws for one espresso machine with up to three groups. Any additional labor hours and parts needed will be billed in addition to the package price.

What if I book a Repair but I actually needed a Tune Up?

Repair appointments are meant to tackle a known problem with any of your equipment. If you realize you have booked the wrong service in error, please contact us right away and we will correct the booking for you. If your Repair service appointment evolves into a fuller inspection and diagnostic of more equipment than initially ordered, your technician may need to return at a later date to complete the service, and you will be billed individually for the labor hours as well as all parts.

How much will a typical Repair appointment cost?

Most common Repairs take between 1-2 hours to complete plus the cost of parts, depending on the work required. Your technician will review the scope of work and cost with you during your appointment.

How much do parts cost?

Parts vary widely in price depending on the type of part and what equipment you have. During your service appointment, your technician can provide more detail on cost of parts before the work is complete.

How do you find your technicians?

Our technician partners come to us from coffee industry referrals, including from groups like the SCA Technicians Guild. Each technician partner has been carefully vetted for their experience, technical knowledge and care of work.

What if your technician makes the issue worse or breaks my machine?

All of our technicians know their way around many forms of brewing equipment. That said, we always want to ensure you are satisfied with our support, so if you are dissatisfied with your service for any reason, please contact us and we'll make it right.

What if I need to change my appointment time?

Appointments are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. If your appointment time has already been scheduled and you can no longer make the appointment, please contact us right away and we will do our best to assist you. Please note schedule modifications may not be possible without a cancellation penalty once your appointment time has been confirmed, so book with care!

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

Equipment service bookings are final once your appointment time has been confirmed. If you have submitted a booking in error and need to modify or cancel your appointment, please contact us right away.

If your appointment has already been scheduled:

  • ...and it is more than 24 hours until the appointment start time, you will be charged 50% of the minimum value of the service booked for cancellation.

  • ....and it is less than 24 hours until the appointment start time, you will be charged the full minimum value of the service booked for cancellation.

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