We want all of our baristas to be able to make an informed decision about any shifts that they claim, so we ask our coffee shops to be as clear as possible when they have specific duties or requirements for our baristas.

What duties should I expect my barista to carry out on shift?

Our baristas have a specific and limited set of expectations when they arrive at a shift. The main things you should expect from your cups barista are:

  • Proficiently make espresso or drip coffee

  • Ring up customers

  • Keep the bar clean

You can also expect our baristas to carry out any extra duties or requirements, provided that you communicate with them beforehand.

What counts as an extra duty?

Duties that don’t fall under the list above can change what a barista can expect from a shift. Any extra duties should be left in the Comments section of the booking page so we can help our baristas make informed decisions about their shifts.

Some of those extra duties can include:

  • Cooking meals or pastries

  • Staffing an event

  • Opening or closing your shop alone

  • Setting up, performing maintenance on, or doing anything with equipment that isn’t making a cup of coffee with it

  • Performing maintenance around your shop like inventory or other tasks

You should communicate any task that doesn’t fall under making coffee, ringing customers, and cleaning the bar to your barista beforehand, no matter how small you may think it is–this includes selling pastries!

Do all of your baristas have Food Handlers Licenses?

No, but many of them do. Please leave any extra requirements in the Comments section of your booking page.

How can I communicate any extra duties or requirements with my baristas?

Great question! You can use the Comments section when you’re booking a shift–we’ll communicate those requirements or duties to baristas when we send out your shifts. You can also use this section to request a specific barista to fill your shift.

What if I get through booking, and I remember a new duty or requirement?

You can absolutely communicate any additional duties or requirements with a barista after they’ve booked and before the shift has started. Just be aware that if the barista isn’t comfortable with that duty or requirement you communicate after booking, they have a right to decline the shift, even if they’ve already claimed it. In that case, we’ll find another barista for your shift!

What if my shift is an event, or just isn’t at my normal coffee shop location?

Make sure to make another Location on your cups dashboard and order your shift or shifts under that new location. Need a hand? Go ahead and reach out to community@cupsworks.com for help.

You cannot expect baristas to show up to your coffee shop and then go to a second location for the event, even if you provide transportation. Baristas must arrive at the location where they’ll be working.

What if my barista doesn’t show, or texts me to cancel?

Since this is an emergency situation, we highly encourage you to go ahead and call us at (844) GET-CUPS or reach out to community@cupsworks.com and we’ll find you a replacement barista. We’ll refund you for any time a barista isn’t present.

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